African-American History Festival

Saturday, February 23, 2008 

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Books and Bytes has (finally!) had its first official bookselling event!  We rented a spot at Gadsden county's Black History Month festival, held Saturday, February 23rd, 2008.  We set up a booth and brought along our collection of books from the "African-American Interest" section of our store, including a number of new books on black history that we obtained specifically for the festival, together with a few other books from various categories that we thought might be of interest.

The day was a successful one... We sold a number of books, but even more importantly, we met lots of nice people from the local community, and we enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, good food, and lively music, and our kids loved the various children's activities, and had a great time.

Our logistics went pretty smoothly, except at one point when the car battery running our receipt printer ran down, and we had to go and jump-start it from Mike's car before we could print out receipts again!  Fortunately, the customers during this period didn't seem to mind the lack of receipts too much.

Below are a couple of the pictures that we took at the event.

First picture after setup.  The morning is cloudy, and the festival-goers have not yet arrived.  Volunteer helper K. C. peeks out from behind the cash register.

Mid-day crowds.  By the time the festival was in full swing, the sun had come out and the day was beautiful.  Bill H., friend of the store, helps with introductions.