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In this special new feature of our website, we post reviews of books recommended by members of the Books & Bytes community.  If you would like to contribute a review, please email it to

Rogue, by Danielle Steel
(On sale at Books & Bytes: 20% off through July 31st)

Category: Romance, hardcover; published June 2008

Review by Kat Dallas, posted 7/14/2008

Danielle Steel’s new release “Rogue” captures all the great qualities of her writing. Set in New York, this story revolves around a family comprised of the conservative mother, Maxine Williams, her jet-set ex-husband, Blake Williams, and their three children.  One is drawn into the story within the first few pages as we meet Maxine and her children and become acquainted with their everyday life.  As a single mother, Maxine balances the juggling act of meeting the demands of her high profile psychology practice and being the sole emotional provider for her three children.  Her strength and self-sufficiency should appeal to any modern woman as the story unfolds. As the story quickens, her past life and current relationship with Blake, her ex-husband, is revealed as well as the lack of any new current prospects of love until she meets Dr. Charles West.  He is the man of her dreams and will make her life complete, so she thinks, and even the reader will be surprised as Maxine is regarding what her future holds.  This book grips your heart as you experience the sorrow, pain, and joy traveling the path of life with Maxine as she once again discovers true love,  happiness in her life and what it truly means to be a family.