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We hope to soon be able to begin accepting applications for employment.  In the near future, we anticipate offering one or two part-time to full-time positions, as described below.  

Sales Associate.  Depending on customer traffic conditions, we expect that we will need people who can assist us with sales, cashiering and store maintenance functions, particularly during the early morning (7-9 am), mid-day (11 am-1 pm), and/or early evening (5-7 pm) hours, as well as on some weekends.  Applicants for these positions should have some retail experience, and must be avid readers themselves, and be facile with computers.  A well-groomed appearance, respectable daily attire (business casual, such as slacks and polo shirts), and an articulate, professional and customer-friendly manner are essential for these types of positions.

Office Manager.  We are also seeking a very mature, professional, and experienced person who can assist us with important back-room administrative functions, such as purchasing & receiving of inventory, and/or preparation of marketing materials.  This person should be highly educated and/or very experienced, highly literate and well-read in a wide variety of subject areas, and must be very well-organized, and very skilled, precise and accountable in their administrative practices.  Computer experience including Microsoft Office is a must.  Previous experience with purchasing, receiving, and marketing functions is preferred.  This person should be willing to also help with sales and managerial functions (e.g. opening/closing) as needed.

Pay & benefits.  For both types of positions, for the time being, the hours are flexible,  leave requests are handled informally, and pay levels are determined on an individual basis, and are based on experience and seniority.  We are not yet offering any benefits other than flexible work hours and discounts on purchases, but as our business grows and becomes profitable, we do plan to offer, as soon as we can afford it, various standard types of benefits, such as group health, 401(k), and profit-sharing plans.  Our business is currently structured as an LLC (Limited-Liability Company), and we would like to see our most loyal, long-term employees earn their way to membership in the company (i.e., become part owners of the business).

If you think that you might like to apply for either type of position mentioned above, please talk to the store owner (Mike Frank) during business hours, or email your resume to  Official employment applications will be available shortly.