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Below is a list, in alphabetical order, of the major categories or "sections" of books that (for the time being, at least) we are stocking in our store.  Please keep in mind that each of these sections may contain a wide variety of subcategories, and we will gladly still accept as trade any used books (or special-order any requested books) that do not exactly fit well into any of these sections.  But, our main goal in our book purchasing is to maintain an on-hand stock of at least approximately one bookcase (filled with a mix of new and used books) on display in our store within each of the sections listed below.  Since the end of February 2008, this goal has mostly been met.  

However, our holdings still remain rather sparse in several sections, highlighted in yellow below.  Used books in these categories would be especially welcome as trade-ins or donations.  In a couple of categories, we already have enough or too many books, and cannot buy many more, if any (at least until we sell some more!); these overflowing sections are emphasized in red.  Other sections, in ordinary black print, are neither too sparse nor too full at present.

  • Action, Military, Spy, & Thriller Novels                             (Fiction)
  • Adventure & Fantasy Novels                                  (Mostly Fiction)
  • African-American Interest                             (Fiction & Nonfiction)
  • Arts, Literature, & Philosophy                       (Fiction & Nonfiction)
  • Best-Sellers                                                    (Fiction & Nonfiction)
  • Business, Economy, Finance & Investing         (Mostly Nonfiction)
  • Children's Books:
    • Infants & Toddlers, Ages 0-4                      (Fiction & Nonfiction)
    • Kids' Books, Ages 5-9                                 (Fiction & Nonfiction)
    • Pre-teens & Teens, Ages 10 & up               (Fiction & Nonfiction)
  • Comics, Humor, & Satire                                (Fiction & Nonfiction)
  • Computers, Engineering, & Technology                       (Nonfiction)
  • Crafts, Hobbies, & Home Living                                   (Nonfiction)
  • Do-It-Yourself, How-To, & Self-Help                          (Nonfiction)
  • Families, Parenting, & Psychology                              (Nonfiction)
  • General Fiction                                                                   (Fiction)
  • Health, Fitness, Food & Cooking                                  (Nonfiction)
  • Hispanic/Latino Interest                                (Fiction & Nonfiction)
  • Historical Fiction (Includes Westerns)                             (Fiction)
  • Horror & Supernatural Novels                                          (Fiction)
  • Local Industries                                                 (Mostly Nonfiction)
  • Local Interest                                                 (Fiction & Nonfiction)
  • Mystery, Crime, Drama, & Suspense Novels                    (Fiction)
  • People, Politics, & The World                                      (Nonfiction)
  • New Releases                                                 (Fiction & Nonfiction)
  • Religion, Spirituality, & Mysticism                 (Fiction & Nonfiction)
  • Romance Novels                                                                 (Fiction)
  • Science & Mathematics                                                 (Nonfiction)
  • Science Fiction                                                                    (Fiction)
  • Sports, Games, & Leisure                                              (Nonfiction)
  • Travel & Languages                                                       (Nonfiction)