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Our Mission

The overall mission of Books & Bytes Bookstore, as a venture, is to: 

1.  Help to foster and promote the overall academic, artistic, cultural, economic, educational, intellectual, musical, literary, and social development of the local community, including the City of Quincy, Gadsden county, and surrounding areas;

2.  Provide local residents, workers, and visitors alike with a friendly, accessible, local gathering spot, where they may meet and hang out, read, relax, socialize, partake in refreshments, and attend or hold special events hosted by the store;

3.  Provide a venue in which local authors, poets, artists and lecturers may showcase their work and interact with their audiences through free public events such as book signings, poetry readings, art openings and lectures;

4.  Effectively meet the reading needs of the community, including providing a convenient source for obtaining both general and specialized reading materials, from hard-to-find classics to the latest new releases, and including, in particular, books that address important subjects that are of interest to local residents and workers, such as local history, culture, and prominent local pastimes, locally important industries and fields of work, and books written for audiences such as major local ethnic and demographic groups;

5.  Provide a wholesome family environment, a safe destination where families may come with their children to spend an hour or an afternoon playing, learning, and being entertained;

6.  Provide a sort of "home away from home" or "second office," a refuge where local residents and workers may come and read, relax, or do desk work, free from the distractions of their usual environment, or just for a refreshing change of scene.