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Books & Bytes is proud to announce that we now have a list of our entire current book inventory (as of 8/23/08) available online through the following link:

Click Here for Inventory List

The list is currently sorted by Department code (e.g. BOOKS for new books and USDBK for used books), section code (where it's shelved in our store) and Media type (hardcover vs. paperback).  For each item, the on-hand quantity (usually 1) and our current retail price is shown.  When viewing the list, you can search it for any keyword by using the "Find" feature of your web browser (which can be brought up, in most browsers, by holding down the Ctrl key and hitting F). 

If you wish to buy any item, please call (850-875-4199) or drop by our store during business hours, or email us at, or mail P.O. Box 1037, Qui. 

If you wish for the book to be shipped to you in another county in Florida, be sure to let us know your county so that we can appropriately calculate the sales tax.  For out-of-state orders, there is currently no sales tax.

As of 7/16/08, we have just started listing selected items on our Amazon Storefront, and we plan for our entire inventory  to eventually be available through there. 

Update 8/27/08: Although we are closing our brick-and-mortar storefront, we can still fulfill customer orders received by phone/email for books still in stock; however, there may be a delay filling orders during the month of September, while we are moving our stock.