Photos of Our Store

Various photographs of the interior and exterior

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Expanded Food Counter Arrangement

Our self-service food counter setup was recently improved by the addition of some shelves over the counter.  Forty-two different varieties of high-quality, freshly-brewed coffee and eleven types of tea are now available, thanks to the magic of our Keurig single-serve brewer.  We also also have three types of bagels, several different kinds of granola bars, and a number of different Danish pastries.

First Public Photos of Our Store, Now Open!

On Saturday, March 8th we opened our doors to the public for the first time!  We also took the first public photos of our store.  You may click on any of the pictures to see an enlarged view.

1. Our storefront, at 12 W Washington St., Quincy.  Note the welcoming touches such as the cafe tables, bench, and flowers.  (The banner will eventually be replaced with a more permanent sign.)

 2. Main sales floor.  The signs for most of our sections of books are visible.  In the back is the "Kid Zone" for children (closeups later).


3. Checkout counter.  Shopkeeper Mike Frank completes a transaction with the store's first customer.  In additional to cash, we accept all major credit cards, as well as personal checks (with photo ID), travelers' checks, and money orders.  We also give trade credit for used books.


4. Lounge area.  Here customers can relax, read, and browse the Internet from their laptops.  Complimentary candies and magazines are available nearby.



5. Self-serve food counter.  From right to left, we see a table, pastry platter, microwave & toaster for heating muffins and bagels, a variety of instant hot cocoa flavors, a Keurig single-serve coffee brewer, condiments for coffee , water cooler for making cold water & hot chocolate & for storage of bottled Jones cane soda.


6. Free computers for kids.  On these computers with parental controls in our "Kid Zone", kids aged 2 to 17 may play video-games, browse child-safe websites, or watch cartoon DVDs while their parents shop and read in the store.


7. Children's books and reading area.  Books for kids of all ages are available, along with tables & chairs for tykes and parents. 



8. Computer work stations for grown-ups.  Private as well as semi-private computer work areas with Internet access can be rented by the minute for a nominal fee.  ($5-6/hr.)