Planned Book Categories

To be Carried at Books & Bytes Bookstore

This is a tentative, preliminary list of categories.  Due to space limitations, we may not end up being able to stock absolutely all of the categories that are listed here.  However, we will try our best to carry at least some of the best books that we come across in as many of these categories as possible.

Categories Tailored to the Local Community

One of the distinguishing features of the Books & Bytes bookstore concept is that the selection of books that is carried is custom-tailored, to some degree, to address the particular needs of residents & workers within (and visitors to) the local community.  As part of this goal, we offer several general categories of books that revolve around local themes.

Local Industries Section

This group of categories contains mostly non-fiction books that we believe might be useful or interesting to workers within (or customers of) prominent local fields of work.  Below, we roughly sort these fields according to their prominence as local employers.  (These proportions were estimated, very crudely, by counting the number of local business phone directory listings that fell into each general category.  Professions in which an unusually large proportion of workers are not available via direct lines are likely to be under-represented by this method.)

First-Tier Local Industries

We estimate that each of these fields of work accounts for roughly 5-15% of local employment.  Together, we estimate that they account for roughly 50% of local employment.

  • Government - Books addressing issues and concerns that are commonly faced by workers in municipal, county, state, or federal government offices, including executive, legislative and judicial functions.  Books on the history of law & governance.   Case studies of particularly effective governance techniques.

  • Spiritual Services - Books for or about the general profession of spiritual leadership, or that deal with issues facing religious organizations.  Books on the history or lore of prominent local denominations.

  •  Retail - Books about retail sales, across all industries except automotive (which gets its own category).  How to start & run a retail business, books that present innovative sales and business techniques.

  • Education - Books about the education profession, techniques, and institutions, ranging from pre-school to post-doctoral and continuing education.  Books presenting research on new & innovative educational techniques and paradigms.

  • Human Services - Books about or for the human & social services professions. 

  • Automotive - Includes new & used car sales, maintenance, repair, parts, etc.

Second-Tier Local Industries

We estimate that each of these general fields of work individually accounts for roughly 1.5-3.6% of local employment, and that all of them together account for roughly 25% of local employment.  First- and second-tier industries together account for roughly 75% of local employment.

  • Agriculture  - Includes farms, nurseries, livestock, packers, & food distributors.
  • Healthcare - Includes medicine, pharmacy, physical rehabilitation, and home care.
  • Financial Services - Includes banking, investing, mortgage, & cash-advance.
  • Real Estate - Includes realty, appraising, surveying, title search, & renting.
  • Restaurants - Includes full-service, buffets, fast-food, and catering services.
  • Civic Services - Police, fire, mail delivery, utilities, trash, animal control, etc.  This category has significant overlap with the "government" category, but is not completely a subcategory of it, due to existence of volunteer & privatized services.
  • Industrial - Manufacturing & industrial service trades.  Machining, welding, etc.
  • Energy - Includes oil, gas, electric, propane, and alternative energy.
  • Construction - Includes building construction, highway contruction, civil engineering, architecture, and related services.

Third-Tier Local Industries

We estimate that each of these general fields of work accounts for roughly 1.3-1.5% of local employment, and that all together, they account for roughly 5% of local employment.  The first through third-tier industries together account for roughly 80% of local employment.

  • Tourism - Includes both civic and nature-based tourist-serving fields.
  • Insurance - Brokers, agents, and carriers for life, auto, health, etc.
  • Personal care services - Barbers, salons, nail care, spas, masseurs, etc.
  • Child care services - Daycare, nanny services, etc.  (In reality, this industry is probably much larger, if one counts informal child care arrangements.  See the general book section on parenting & child care for additional resources.)

Fourth-Tier Local Industries

We estimate that each of these general fields of work accounts for  roughly 0.6-1.3% of local employment, and that all together, account for roughly 10% of local employment.  First-tier through fourth-tier industries together are estimated to account for 90% of local employment.

  • Recreation
  • Legal services
  • Corrections
  • Telecommunications
  • Funeral services
  • Lodging
  • Electricians
  • Misc. services (not fitting into other categories listed)
  • Arts & music
  • Aviation
  • HVAC services

Fifth-Tier Local Industries 

We estimate that each of these general fields of work accounts for roughly 0.6% or less of local employment.  All together, they are estimated to account for roughly 10% of local employment.  This is the "catch-all" category.  Tiers 1-5 together are supposed to account for 100% of local employment, although we have probably accidentally left out some professions.

  • TV, Shipping, Accounting, Cleaning, Employment services, Plumbing, Printing, Advertising, Computer, Yard work, Food service, Judicial, Mobile home services, Exterminators, Political organizations, Storage, Human transport, Media/press, Night life, Misc. business-to-business services, conference services, misc. organizations, security services, veterinary services, umbrella companies.

The above classification of industries by the intensity of their local employment is very rough and approximate.  We may have accidentally underestimated or overestimated the size of some industries due to inherent biases of the sources that were used as the basis for our estimations.  If you have more accurate information, please let us know.

The plan for our Local Industries section is currently that, for the time being, it will include just the first- and second-tier industries, which, together, are estimated to account for the bulk (75%) of local employment.  In alphabetical order, these are:

  • Agriculture, Automotive, Civic services, Construction, Education, Energy, Financial services, Government, Healthcare, Human services, Industrial, Real Estate, Restaurants, Retail, Spiritual services

If the Local Industries section of our store turns out to be very popular, we will consider expanding it to cover third- or even fourth-tier professions, allowing us to address the general fields of work that employ 80-90% of local workers.

Local Subjects Section

The "Local Subjects" section of the store is intended to address topics that relate specifically to our local geographical region.  This includes the following general subject areas:

Local Biography

  • Books about well-known local figures, in all fields.

Local Geographical Entities

  • Local municipal entities:  Quincy, Havana, Chattahoochee, Tallahassee, Bainbridge (GA), Thomasville (GA), St. Marks, Blountstown, Dothan (AL), Panama City
  • Local counties:  Gadsden,  Jackson, Calhoun, Liberty, Leon, Wakulla, Seminole (GA), Decatur (GA), Grady (GA)
  • Local area:  Big Bend, Forgotten Coast, Florida Panhandle, North Florida
  • Local states:  Florida, Georgia, Alabama
  • Local region:  Gulf Coast, Southeastern United States
  • National & supranational regions:  United States, North America, the Americas

Local History

  • Quincy Historic District, history of Gadsden County, Chattahoochee, Coca-Cola Millionaires,  Southern Plantations, Tobacco, History of Tallahasee, History of Florida, Mission San Luis, Southern history, US history.

Local Natural Resources

  • Lake Talquin, Lake Seminole, Apalachicola River, Suwanee River, Florida Fishing, Florida Springs, Florida Caverns, Florida State Parks, Wakulla Springs, Blue Springs, Falling Waters Springs, White Springs, St. George Island, Appalachicola Bluffs & Ravines Preserve, "Garden of Eden"

Local People & Culture 

  • Seminole Indians, Indian Tribes of the Southeastern US, Southern culture, regional cookbooks 

Local Tourism

  • Tourism guide books, atlases & other resources focusing on this local region.

    Favorite Local Categories Section 

    The "Local Favorites" section of the store carries books in fiction genres and non-fiction subject areas that are known to be especially popular among local residents, on the basis of surveys and our first-hand experience talking to local residents so far.  Currently, these areas include:

    First-tier (top 50%) categories:

    • Children's books, for ages 5-9

      • Children's books, for ages 0-4
      • Religion, spirituality, mysticism, new age, occult
      • Food & cooking
      • Romance
      • Spirituality magazines
      • Women's magazines

       Second-tier (next 40%) categories:

      • Tallahassee Democrat newspaper
      • Reference books, esp. spiritual & bilingual
      • Self-help / motivational books
      • Entertainment & celebrity magazines
      • Modern literature (various sub-genres)
      • Children's books, ages 10-12
      • Children's books, ages 13-17
      • Crafts & hobbies
      • Car & motorbike magazines
      • Police / detective / mystery novels
      • Historical fiction, westerns
      • History, biography, & politics